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Fresh cutting equipment can cut fruits and vegetables into the shape required by the processing technology, such as leaves, roots, stems and other vegetables can be cut into silk, diced, slices, strips, rhombic, diced flowers, flower slices, etc. Compared with manual cutting, it greatly improves the efficiency of cutting vegetables, but how to safely operate the fresh cutting equipment in the process of use? Now let's give you a brief introduction.
Make sure that the plug of the fresh cutting equipment is in good contact without looseness or water trace. Clean and disinfect the vegetable cutting blade, the interior of the equipment, the tray and the transmission belt of the fresh cutting equipment thoroughly to avoid material pollution and ensure product safety and hygiene. After that, it can be started, but do not rush into materials. In order to make the equipment idle for about 2 minutes, the feeding work can be carried out after everything is normal.
Users are particular about feeding. It is not that the faster the feeding is, the better, or the more, the better. It is necessary to ensure that the feeding is uniform and avoid blocking the fresh cutting equipment, resulting in equipment downtime or failure. In case of blockage, stop the machine and clean it in time to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. It is worth noting that the cutting mode should be adjusted according to the material characteristics and process needs before feeding. Usually, the vertical knife mode can process leaf soft vegetables or cut pieces into various shapes such as Ding, Kuai, Si, diamond, etc. with different specifications.
Precautions for users to install vertical knives. First turn the adjustable eccentric, move the tool holder to the position where it cannot be moved, and then lift the tool holder up by 1-2mm. When the vertical knife contacts with the conveyor belt, fix the nut and fasten the vertical knife on the knife rest. If the lifting height of the tool holder is small, more materials are stuck to the tool. If the tool holder is raised too high, it may cause damage to the conveyor belt. For this reason, the user must control the adjustment height when adjusting the cutter.
During the operation of the vegetable fresh cutting equipment, the user should check whether the material cutting specification meets the requirements. If it does not meet the needs of the process, it is necessary to stop the machine in time, adjust the corresponding cutting parameters, and achieve unified specifications, so as to avoid unnecessary waste of materials caused by the unqualified cutting effect.
Users should turn off the safety protection devices on the transmission system and blade. After the material processing is completed, press the stop button of the control system in time and turn off the control power. In order to avoid the secondary use of polluting materials, the fresh cutting equipment needs to be maintained and cleaned after each completion. When disassembling or cleaning equipment parts, prevent your hands from touching the vegetable cutting knife, and wear protective gloves to prevent the knife from accidentally hurting your hands and ensure your safety.
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